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BI & data analytics

Business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, data management and analytics to make sure that you are using all of the information available for making quality business decisions. From delivering analytics precisely defined by you to your in-house users, to advising and setting up comprehensive data management operations for our clients from scratch.

back-/front-end development

Very simple, your team works on front-end, we do the back-end. Or the other way around. Or any other way possible, to make sure that your in-house developers can concentrate on the sides of the product delivery that should be prioritized. We’ll get you covered on the rest of the work that has to be done within your budget in a timely and quality manner.

product/software testing

Quality assurance (QA) for your product, to make sure that all the direct and indirect requirements are met, and that your users will have an absolutely uncompromising experience. We offer fully customized testing services for any piece of your software, built on any of the popular platforms.

IT & business consulting

We offer a wide range of high-grade consulting services related to information technology (IT) and business. It’s the combination of expertise in such fields as technology, business operations and finance which the team at Outs possesses that allows us to provide truly outstanding solutions for our clients.


minimum viable product (MVP), proof of concept (POC), fundraising and business consulting

CFO for hire

financial management and analytics, valuation, project finance, modeling and forecasting, investor relations, exit strategies

Perfect fit

From team management to product development, Outs got you covered. By choosing Outs support, Outs team, Outs project, or Outs product, you determine the degree of our involvement in your business


Complementary team, quality assurance (QA), and other supporting functions, like recruiting, HR, and general administration.


Outs puts together a team of professionals that will work on your project or manage a desired business process according to your guidelines.


Outs is responsible for delivering a project according to your concept and general requirements.


You provide us with a concept, and Outs does the rest of the work in order to roll out a working product.

Outset. Outsmart. Outstand.

From paying us in cash for services to us investing in your project


Outs is your reliable, flexible and cost-efficient partner. No idea, size, or concept of your product is too small or insignificant.

Outs provides efficient solutions in Data Science, IT and expertise in business development, fundraising, and operational consulting for businesses ranging from an idea to an established company.

We successfully combine Scandinavian management and solutions architecture with availability and affordability of high-grade technical expertise in the US and Eastern Europe.

Outs headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway.

Outs ensures uncompromised confidentiality to our clients at all stages of our cooperation, and we look at any form of cooperation.

We view transparent and open communication to be the cornerstone for building trustful long-term relationships with our clients.

Communication is the centerpiece value for everything that we do at Outs. The persons that collaborate under our company are our most prized asset. They often work from locations that are distant from each other, have different personalities, interests, aspirations, passions, cultural and professional backgrounds. Outs teams, quite literally, become integral parts of our clients’ operations while delivering. It is, therefore, the Outs management’s primary objective to make sure that the teams deliver their best in an efficient well-coordinated manner, while each team-member, nevertheless, preserves her/his individuality.

We believe that the key to realization of this concept is fostering a culture of effective communication based on openness and transparency, where good and bad ideas are shared, heard, criticized adequately, and the good ones are acted upon successfully.

Our clients

Here are some of our clients that do not have confidentiality concerns. Please, contact us to learn more about our recent and current projects.


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